Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jakarta RACE (Race Against Cancer Everyone)!

Sooooo, today we (kak Sara, kak Mala, and I) ran at Jakarta RACE! To support our friends who are suffering from cancers.
It WAS FUN! Well, no that fun. But good for our healthy though.
First, we (participants of Jakarta RACE) gathered at *i don't know the name of the place*. Then, we registered. And, the race begun!
We participated on the 5k run. I didn't think I could make it if I joined the 10k run. Omahgaaaaa.
While we were running, two bikers hit me! Not at the same time, but still they hit me! Shoot! I hate them, really. And now it's hard for me to go up/downstairs. My right leg hurts so bad. I got blister too. Nyeh
After we ran, we went to Loewy to have our breakfast. I ordered smoked salmon, cream cheese & leek omelette. That was AWESOME. Nobody would make it for me in the morning. Bah. Hahahaha.
Then, we went to kak Mala's apt. Drove her home actually. Then, she gave me smurfs cupcakes! Kyaaaa °•(>̯┌┐<)•° they're just too cute to be trueeee. Smurfdorable ♥ and kak Sara got perfume from her :3
Then, I went to kak Sara's apt becaaauuuuseeee, my mum had been busy with her baby, her bycicle. Ugh. I stayed for uhm maybe 2 hrs... That was good. I took a rest for a while. Haaaah :3
Well, that's my story today ;)